Bringing joy to all golfers

Fujikura Composites America was formed in 1995 and has been at the forefront of design and development to produce the world’s leading golf shafts.  Their mission is to bring joy to all golfers by improving their game and maximizing their potential. 

Every Fujikura golf shaft is delicately designed through the use of our proprietary ENSO 3-D motion capture fitting system—the first club fitting system that measures information both before and after the ball is hit. With 3-D motion capture, the club and shaft are dynamically measured and recorded throughout the entire swing. These scientific swing analysis variables are then integrated with data from the most advanced ball flight monitors available to produce products that are literally the “world’s best performance golf shafts”. While every other shaft company is developing through trial and error, Fujikura is using science, engineering, and technology to create the best product possible and bring it directly to the consumer.



The Ventus range has gained tour recognition, used by many of the world’s leading professionals. Ventus has been designed to tighten shot dispersion whilst maximising ball speed, especially on off-centre shots. Ventus is the first to include Fujikura’s all-new VeloCore Technology. Offering 3 distinct launch profiles in the Red, Blue and Black options.

Motore X

Designed for speed and stability, Motore X features a reinforced bias core with a torsionally stiffened handle section promoting faster ball speeds combined with thin layers of full-length bias plies to create a balanced torsional strength and stability.

Vista Pro

Vista Pro

Redesigned in 2021, the Vista Pro line of woods and irons offer fitters an updated and balanced profile in an easy-to-fit lineup that will accommodate every golfer and swing-type. The specific performance characteristics based on weight and flex offer flighted lines. Lighter weights provide higher launch and more spin to improve carry distance while heavier weights will generate a mid-launch with moderate spin.

Speeder Range

The Speeder range offers a launch profile and spin rate for all golfers.

Speeder TR, Evolution VII, Evolution VI, Evolution V, Air Speeder & topping the range is the Platinum Speeder.

fujikura speeder evolution


New for 2021.

The returning Sakura range offers a lightweight design and smooth feel. Created for golfers searching more carry distance, enhanced launch and spin characteristics through softened tip and mid sections.