GraphitE Design

Graphite Design

Tour-proven performance

Graphite Design are based in Chichibu, Japan and have 32 years of track record designing and producing leading graphite composite shafts.

Graphite Design standing by their “Tour AD” logo. Validated by tour-proven performance and victories. The Tour AD range has been developed to enhance “Accuracy and Distance” for all.

OTT Golf are pleased to be an official distributor and stock the entire “Tour AD” range.

Tour AD

The comprehensive Tour AD range offers 14 shafts. A dream for fitters and the varied needs of the golfer.

Tour AD models utilise premium aerospace quality carbon-fibre materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

Available for Driver, Hybrid and Irons.

Tour AD Graphite Design


Maximum Accuracy and Distance with the aid of TORAYCA ® T1100G Carbon-fibre pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology for improved stability in tip to mid section of the shaft, providing unparalleled feel. 

MAD is designed to promote Mid to Mid/High launch angles with Low/Mid to Mid ball spin rates.

MAD PRO is designed to promote Mid launch angles with Low ball spin rates.

G-Tech Wood and Iron

Designed to allow the club builder additional flexibility and tip trimming options to fine tune the required flex and promote desired launch angles and spin rates.

Graphite Design G Tech