Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical

Dedicated to designing and developing the highest performing composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere.

OTT Golf is pleased to supply Mitsubishi Chemical golf shafts and we continue to grow our stock, holding along with demo’s to support fitting studios.

Technology developed in-house at labs in Toyohashi, Japan. Thousands of proprietary materials and processes together create the finest golf shafts in the world.


“Tensei” Japanese for “Transformation”

CK Series is made up of the new for 2021 1K Pro White, AV Series, CK Pro Series and CK Series.

The headline 1k Pro White is engineered for the player who seeks perfection. 1K fibre that is 3x thinner than carbon kevlar for a tighter more consistent weave. Available from 50R to 80TX.

Tensei golf shafts from Mitsubishi Chemical


Designed to provide club builders and fitters with an exclusive line of high-performance golf shafts that can easily be fine-tuned to suit golfers specific performance needs.

C6 Blue, C6 Red and C6 ONYX offer something for all golfers.

C6 mitsubishi Golf Shaft